I haven't been in the wedding photography business for too long, but with the experience I do have, this is the biggest takeaway I could give you.

If you don't have confidence in your own work, other people won't.

It's so simple, but truly changed my mindset, perspective and trajectory of the success that my business had. For years, I thought that I was being "humble" by constantly telling myself and others that there were better photographers than me who were more capable and talented than I was. While it is true that someone will always be one step ahead of you and more successful than you, the mindset of thinking that your work is only worth so much and that you won't ever reach the level others have, will hold you back from accomplishing your goals and full potential.

This isn't particular to just one area of your business, either. I'm talking confidence all across the freaking board. From your pricing, to your social platforms, people should take one look at your business and see that you value your time and effort, and as a result they will too.

"So...how do I become confident?"

Confidence is one of the biggest business strategies that you'll need to learn and utilize to the fullest extent.

It all begins in your mind. Take some time to figure out your purpose behind your business. What is your "why"? What are your goals for where you want your business to go, and how you want to reach people? Then let that drive you.

In the meantime, here are some tips that I've found to be helpful.

As the kids these days say, let's unpack this.

Take Yourself Seriously

The reality of it is, people aren't going to take you seriously if you don't take yourself seriously. It's easy for others to take advantage of you in your business when you leave room for comparison. It doesn't matter what others are doing, because it's your business! And on the flip side, it doesn't matter what others think of you, because it's your business. You'll figure out who your group of clients are, and run with them.

Redefine Success For YOU

Get rid of your expectations of what it means to be successful.

Success means different things to different people. I can guarantee you all of the people you follow on Instagram have their own definition of the word. Find what it means for you and only you and then throw the unrealistic expectations in the trash.

Welcome Mistakes

Get rid of the idea that everything needs to be perfect before you can take off. That won't ever happen, and if you're waiting for it, then you won't get very far.

Start embracing the fact that mistakes are going to happen. It's totally normal and okay. One of the biggest reasons people miss out on huge opportunities is fear of failure. The thought of messing up or getting it wrong allows people to stay in their comfort zone where they have it all figured out, and never reach the level of success they could've if they only embraced their imperfections.

So own your talent, do your thing, and see where it will take you and the opportunities it will present.

until next time,

maggie ✗