If you're anything like me,

you benefit from seeing how other people do things, so you can get a better understanding/ idea of where to start. When I first started doing photography, I always stalked other photographers work or messaged them asking what equipment they used, so I thought this might be helpful for you!

I'll also link everything I talk about.

Canon 5d Mk iv

I have nothing but praises to say of this camera. I started with a MK III as my first ever full frame and this one is just a bit of an upgrade from that. Once I'm able to, my goal is to purchase a second body and here's why: malfunctions DO happen unfortunately, and when they do, it's a smooth transition to your backup camera body. Until I'm able to buy another one, I always rent one for my weddings. This will not only reassure you, but your clients.

Canon 50mm lens

This lens is a GAME CHANGER! I swear, I shoot 75% of every wedding with this lens. It's so incredible crisp- definitely a must have.

canon 70-200mm lens

This lens is a tank. I use this mostly for ceremonies, so I can be quiet and unnoticed in the back while still being able to get those intimate close up shots, as well as wide angles. It also does really well in low light situations. I definitely recommend having this lens.

SIGMA 35 mm Lens

A 35mm is also a must have lens, although my goal is to buy a Canon 35 mm USM II. This Sigma has been crazy good to me, and is incredibly sharp + quick, and is an amazing lens if you're not ready to invest in a higher end 35mm.


I currently have 6 re-chargeable batteries in my camera bag, and always attach a battery grip to my camera for weddings. This just helps me be able to focus on my job and not worry that my battery will run out without me being in a place to change it. Having extra batteries is always a good idea-- you can never have "too many" in my opinion, and they're pretty inexpensive on Amazon.

And here's the battery pouch link.

SD CArds+ CF Cards

Let's talk how many GB you should be bringing to your wedding. Now, this is different for each photographer as some over shoot while others know the exact science behind getting the amount of photos they promised their clients in their contract.

My motto will forever be: it's better to be over prepared than under prepared and finding yourself in a bad situation. I usually bring around 300 GB of cards with me. And it's totally your preference in what size GB cards you get. I like to mostly use 32, and have a good mix of other's in both CF + SD.

For my camera, I can have 1 SD card in and 1 CF card in at the same time. I can either record to both of those simultaneously, or I can fill one up and have it automatically go over to the other SD. Whichever you feel more assured with, you should do.

Here's the link to the card cases :)

Hard drive

Immediately after every wedding I shoot, I dump all of my photos onto my hard drive to ensure that I have them in multiple locations in case of a corrupted card or any other malfunctions.

Camera bag

Everyone has their preferences for the bag they want to lug around all day, and how much money they want to invest into it. For me, I found this backpack style camera bag on Amazon (let me tell ya, I think I keep them in business with all my shopping hahah), and it's fairly comfortable for the price I paid, and does the job pretty well.

It has velcro detachable separators which you can customize around what equipment you have. There are also inside zipper pouches, 2 layers of outside pouches, and small pockets on either side.


Lens hoods to help with harsh lighting.

Lens caps.

Business cards.

Card reader for dumping your photos after the wedding.

Not pictured

So we got the bases covered, what else?

One thing I don't own is an external flash, so I always end up renting one for each wedding. The one linked is the flash I normally rent. And make sure to bring extra batteries for that.

SNACKS! It's veryyy important to bring some granola bars, fruit, and other filling munchies to snack on when you get a minute. You're going to be on your feet for a looong time, and although I always ask that I get a meal during the wedding reception, it's vital to keep up your energy with snacking throughout the day.

Water- bring a stainless steel water bottle where you can keep iced water and make sure you drink enough as to not get dehydrated and dizzy.

Chapstick- this is just one of my preferences, although I am a chapstick addict.

A phone charger + a battery charger.

Thanks for taking the time to read what's in my camera bag! Hopefully it was helpful to you :)

Until next time,

✘ Maggie