If you've been here for awhile, you know that wedding photography is my passion.

But I realized I've never dug into why, or how weddings even became a passion of mine in the first place.

It starts with an iPod touch 5th generation, in 2014 (we've all been there- thinking we were so cool). I was 15, and hadn't latched onto a hobby, until I got this new iPod and a couple photoshopping apps. I would take pictures of anything that caught my attention in the slightest.. From piles of wood, blades of grass with water droplets, or soccer balls with everything in the background edited in black and white (you can roll your eyes, I'm definitely rolling mine).

The next year, I got a hand-me-down digital camera from my brother (typical sibling things). It was a cropped frame + the only lens that came with it was a 70-200mm macro lens. (catch me standing literally hundreds of feet away from my subjects).

When I went to college in 2016, I took that camera and dragged my friends on daily photoshoots. Over time, I learned all the camera settings, and in my free time I would look up YouTube tutorials and courses. Eventually, I booked my first couples shoot, and after that, it clicked that this is what I wanted to do.

Fast forward to 2019, and I was asked to photograph my very first wedding, which I had never done before. The beginning of that year, I had upgraded to my first full frame camera, a Canon 5D MK III, and rented the other equipment I needed. I didn't have any experience shooting a wedding (which I don't recommend by the way... definitely second shoot several weddings prior to being the lead photographer), but I accepted the offer! As crazy as that might have been, it turned out GREAT. I became literally obsessed with every part of it.

The rest of that year, I did a handful of weddings on low budgets, and they allowed me to gain experience, grow my knowledge, and learn hands on.

how i really feel...

Have you ever been the only one to catch an AMAZING moment? I'm talking about one of those rare, wholesome, moments that make you ask the person next to you "Did you see that too??" so they can share the joy with you? Those special moments are what photographing weddings is to me.

My literal job is to watch those special moments unfold, and capture them in their truest form. For the couple to look back on in the years to come, and remember how they felt in that exact moment. To me, that's the most incredible and important thing.

When I was in college taking photos of my friends, I remember them saying things like "I"ll do it, but don't be offended if I don't like how they come out. I hardly ever like photos of myself." Once they saw the photos, I remember seeing their surprised faces and a look of confidence come over them. It was such a good feeling to get to help people see their beauty.

Taking that to another level and being able to be a part of the most important day in two people's lives, capturing authentic + raw love stories, each one unique and magical in its own way, is such an amazing honor.

I want others to look at my work and be able to FEEL what my clients were expressing in the moment the photo was taken. Whether that be intimate and quiet moments, excitement, or love. This is why I like for my sessions to be a fun + relaxing time, with prompts that will bring out your personalitess as if me, or the camera weren't even there. My hope is that you will feel comfortable enough to be yourself with me, and ultimately have a special time with your partner and create memories together.

My goal is that through my work, you're able to see my heart + love for photography, and my desire to form authentic connections with each of my clients that goes beyond business. I want to be your right hand man throughout your entire wedding day and relieve any stress I can by catching every single moment you could ever dream of.

I'm so excited to bring your photography visions to life by unfolding your story in front of the camera.